Elderly FS sailors

Many members in our Yacht Club are "of a certain age". We have two FS's we are reviving and I'd appreciate any advice on rigging, sailing and anything else to make the use of these boats possible for these members. (most former sailors) What modifications do you make, if any, for this population?I understand there are different ways to rig for Racing, Cruising, and Family sailing.How do your Seniors deal with maneuvering around the daggerboard?Many thanks!Deb Pepe  

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Deb, There are several things that could be done.  One is to change the rigging to rope halyards.  Second, install a waco 360 for the centerboard pennat. Third, increase the purchase on the mainsheet, and lastly, consider going to 2:1 on the jib sheets.  All of these items are easy to do and are available through FS Inc.  Good Luck!

I do not see that changing to rope halyards would be helpful.  The factory wire halyard / winch crank system provides significant mechanical advantage which would be lost in moving to a simple rope halyard system.  Which would a disadvantage for older persons who may not be as strong, particularly in their grip.

These are good tips.  My crew at the 2011 NAC was 85at the time.  He started sailing in 1947.  Moving across the boat is somewhat of a challenge up in the crew spot.  We found that gripping the vang made it easier to steady yourself as you cross the boat while tacking.  For the skipper, you may want to add a non-skid surface around the centerboard trunk.

In are area we have a yacht club and every year we have an event called taste of sail. witch involes people of all ages . What I do is even out the group, like 2 or 3 on each side.  I don't use the boom vang at all,we are just going for a sail ,some for the first time. This gives me more room . I let the boat have some heal . I switch side to side to help keep boat leval.  I did take one of are members out ,she was in her 70s , her and her husband had owned a scot years ago. so the day we went out she didn't want me to hold back ,she said she liked to ride the rail,  but due to her age she was unable to cross back n forth so she sat on the center board cap ,so again not useing the boom vang gave her room to sit and as we healed the boat up she could reach and hold on to the seat for balance . So we rode the rail as she requested.

Thanks for the suggestions.Deb

1.  A roller furling jib sacrifices some performance, but enables the foredeck to be clear of trip hazards when docking. That said, after 8 years with one, I recently bought a new hanked-on jib, added a downhaul and have used it 8 times without any problem since I tie up directly from the cockpit anyway.2. I single-handed and use mid-boom sheeting. Less mainsheet in the cockpit closehauled and less sheet to handle when jibing. If sailing with a crew, I imagine the vang could be removed in medium air if it causes a problem since there is considerable downforce on the boom.3. My entire deck is non-skid and I do not wax the seats.4. My chief problem is flaking the mainsail over the boom by myself when the wind is relatively strong and blowing toward the dock. I probably should add a topping lift or better yet, a boomkicker. 5. The only problem I have with the wire halyards is the need for a crank. It is not unusual for me to either reef or unreef during a daysail and last Tuesday I lost a crank overboard for the first time when reefing. I had 2 spares, my stainless steel one is tethered. Need to tether the one I use  also.6. I have installed lazy jacks but seldom have the need to use them. Takes me a couple of minutes to deploy, but they do allow me to drop the main relatively fast, lash it to the boom in a bit of a mess but leave the cockpit clear underfoot.Take all this with a grain of salt. The Scot is wonderful just as it is set-up from the factory. Hope this helps.Monroe

Probably the most important extra item of rigging if it is not already on the boat is to have the transom mounted ladder on the boat. Once someone falls overboard it is very difficult to get back on board unless the person is pretty athlethic. karafiath Boat number 3512

Agree, don't know how I overlooked that and also masthead flotation. It is available from Flying Scot and I always sail with it.Monroe

I bought the swim ladder to allow my kids to swim off the boat.  I have only capsized once, but the ladder makes sense for all ages. It's great for swimming between races on hot, light air days.