Deck Grip Tape

This is just a curiosity question.  I think I know the answer, but I just would like to confirm. 
Why are there three strips of grip tape on the Port side rear deck and only two on the Starboard side?
My assumption is that it is because you are suppose to board on the Port side.  But, in practice I am just as likely to dock on the Starboard side depending on the circumstances at the dock and wind.
It just seems funny to me they would not just make it symetrical.
Any thoughts on it?

Do you have a swim ladder handle where the third tape goes?

My Scot has two on both port and starboard.The tape is pretty inexpensive.  If you want more, add some.  I did this on the foredeck.

No, I don't have a swim ladder.  All the Scots I have seen have three on the left and two on the right, with or without the ladder.
And Yes, I know can add some, thank you.  I just removed the old, wet sanded, compounded and buffed the deck, and replaced the grip tape with new.  I actually did that to the entire boat.  You would be amazed at how an old chalky boat can come back with some elbow grease.

FS 4957 is in balance with 2 original strips on each side!