CustomFlex flexing

I've heard from the Flying Scot company and read on the Web that the later 3000+ Flying Scots made by CustomFlex have a weak Centerboard trunck with no wood reinforcement. So in heavy air it flexes or the hull flexes.  I'm not sure which.
I have 3286.  Restoring it.  Can anyone shed light on this and if there are ways to strengthen the boat?

i would be surprised if this is true.  The CB trunk has a lot of wood in it, and if it was built without wood, in the same mold, it would need a lot more fiberglass to fill the mold out.  Sounds like a wives tale, or a psych job by your competitor in your club.
There may be some small differences in how the Customflex boats were built, but Sandy was pretty careful about not having licensed builders that would cut corners or build out of spec boats.
The two differences I have seen on CF boats is that they come with different trailers, and some have a "bow eye" that is on the nose, below the regular bow eye, that protrudes.  We have made it a rule in our club to take those off, as they are very damaging to another boat it you hit someone, much more than the vertical bow trim that is standard.
By the way, all boats flex to a degree.  If your floor feels really soft, I would check for wet balsa wood, or if the floor is leaking it is possible that the wood in the trunk is rotten.  It's much more likely that the balsa in the floor would be wet, and thus feel soft.

Thanks Paul,
What they said was they pulled the molds from CustomFlex after they stopped reinforcing the Trunk with wood.  After around boat 3000+.I will see I guess when I take her out.  I've been painting and prepping the bottom
Flipping it back over this weekend for last deck coat of perfection.
Our club is a Lightning Club so I've a chance to race one.  Will be able to compare stiffness against it. We are not  going to race it, but if I can do anything if it is to help it...   I've done some glass work before...
Some of the history below.