Cunningham Installation

The instructions provided with the 6:1 cunningham kit (cleat on mast) show the becket and cheek blocks installed on the port side of the mast with a line passing through the grommet above the tack.  The instructions then note that this line forms a "continuous loop on the starboard side."  What does the loop on the starboard side attach to/run through?
For clarity, I have attached a .pdf of the instructions themselves.
Thanks!  FS 3727

From a pix I just saw online - it looks like it runs through the gooseneck attachement.

True, but it scacely seems an elegant solution.  And the line provided for that purpose is only 2.5 feet.

Agreed, but sturdy and functional without adding something to the boom to hold it in place.   I don't have a cunningham, I don't race - but have thought of adding something to allow me to hank the main down a bit to maximize shape.
Good luck.