Community Sailing - Seeking Flying Scot - Donation - Tax Deductible Non-Profit

Friends of Yellow Creek runs a small, low-cost community sailing program at Yellow Creek State Park in Penn Run, PA. We are seeking one serviceable, early model Flying Scot.  The boat doesn't need to be pretty. Does it float? Is it free of balsa core damage? Does it have unbent spars? We can do minor repairs. We can upgrade rigging We'll be happy to help you free that garage space!  Pickup within 400 miles of Pittsburgh PA ... assuming road worthy trailer.
Our several volunteers teach two-dozen new sailors each season. We currently use two Oday Javelins. Based on experience with our neighbors (Moraine Sailing Club Learn to Sail), we think that a Flying Scot would be an ideal instructional platform.
Friends of Yellow Creek is a chapter of the non-profit, Pennsylvania Parks and Forests Foundation. Donations are tax-deductible. contact Ken Sherwood ( / with possibilities. ABOUT FOYC:Our official mission is: "Friends of Yellow Creek aims to include visitors in conserving, protecting, and enhancing the natural, educational, and recreational resources of the park."We provide already active volunteers at the park additional facets by which to contribute to the conservation and preservation of the park and its resources.Our goals are to:1. Improve the resources at the park to attract more visitors and/or increase the value of the park.2. Raise funds for park improvements.3. Promote the use of green recreation.4. Increase the visitors at the park by raising public awareness about the value of the park and the resources and activities available.5. Promote programming at the park by supporting existing groups as well as supplementing with programs where needed.