centerboard leading edge photo

Can anyone post a photo of a perfect leading edge?
I'm fixing mine which is a disaster. I bought the boat last summer and now am going through the to do list.
It is split wide open and I had to grind down the bashed in dented over sections and would like to have a fighting chance of getting shape correct. The fiberglass has peeled away and is bowed out about eight inches from the edge.
Is it fatter at the edge and thins out towards the back or am I looking at a already repaired board with lots of material built up?
The more photos the better.
PS How many section of rail will I need the the whole boat?

You can get a paper template from Harry for the outline shape of the board.  The cross section is a little tougher, but be sure to not make it too sharp.  The leading edge is about 1/4" thick, 1/4" back from the edge. 
These are very approximate guesses.  The cross sectional profile of the leading edge is the same from the top, near the boat, to almost the tip of the leading edge.  You should be able to pattern it after a section that is good further up.
Harry can also answer your question on the rails.  I think the peices used on new boats are longer, and are only short as parts, to make them shippable.  I think the new boats only have two sections per side.