Centerboard Cross Section

It has come to my attention that my boat 3430 may have a centerboard shape issue.  I pulled the centerboard last year and re-gelcoated it, but keeping the original cross section.   The rumor is that older boats could use a bit of shaping to the board, and that could help in pointing.  I sort of doubt it will help me, but still...  Does someone know of some specification for the cross section?  I have read that Harry has a template, but I think that is of the profile shape, which I think mine is factory correct.  Any suggestions are appreciated.

The class measurer has a Delrin template for the class mandated foil shape of the Scot centerboard. The shape is NOT a NACA foil shape (not a teardrop) but a symmetrical fore to aft shape as required in the class rules.
This Delrin template is used to check board shapes each year at the measurement process before each competitors Scot is approved to race at the annual North American Championship regatta.
Each boat is hoisted and is suspended safely overhead on tall sawhorses.  The board is lowered fully and the template is applied horizontally to each side of the board to see if any "daylight" is visible between the Delrin and the board surface. The trunk is checked to be sure any shims are attached to the trunk interior and not on the board itself.
Recommend contacting the class measurer for the correct centerboard shape.