Center Board Rollers on Custom Flex

Hi all,
I'm restoring an old (3286) Custom Flex Scot.  Since I removed the centerboard to flip I've been doing some minor repairs.  I bought new Rollers but Custom Flex used 3/8" bolt versus 5/16 on Scot Inc. boats.  Was told to remove the center bushing on new ones but they are a bit loose.  Is it better to reuse old ones (hard and grazed a bit but fit the bolt correctly).
I ordered 3/8" rollers one size larger (wider and larger diameter) from Colson, since they so not make the old size anymore. But assume to wide...  Recommendations?
See attached pictures

Did you buy rollers from FS Inc?  I would think they could furnish the right rollers and the bolt to go with them.

They told me to knock out the inner bearing. It is a very loose fit. Sinbce mfg. does not make that size anymore...

Did you call Tyler and ask him?  It would seem like one option might be to put a sleeve in the board, and use the newer style rollers and bolt.
You could also pull the board out of the boat, fill the hole with an epoxy and filler, and drill the new hole size, if you can’t find a sleeve.  
You could also solve it by just buying a new centerboard ;-)

Thanks. Sounds like viable options.  I would be concerned about strength of a fill and have not found a sleave yet.  Will reinstall originals for now. Had local sailmaker look at them -sailed Thisles which use a similar roller - said they appear in good enough shape.
I assume others with custom Flex boats will have similar issues.