Cast Aluminum winch crank Manufacturer

Does anyone know who makes the breakable cast aluminum cranks we have all grown to love?

I always get mine from Flying Scot Inc, usually 5 at a time.  When a fellow Scot owners needs a crank, it's only right to hook them up with one from your stash...

You can buy cranks from different sources but does anyone know who makes them? thanks

I suspect the handles are custom made by or for Flying Scot Inc.  You will need to contact them to find out who makes them.

Well I found out that the handles are made by 
Fulmer Company in Export, PA
an aluminum foundry. I wrote to them and they have yet to respond to me....

What's your question?  It seems any info on the cranks would be available from Harry.  I would imagine there are not a lot of other uses for them.

I agree with Phil but would add the following. The aluminum handles are designed to fail or break when we apply too much tension in raising the mainsail via the halyard. Better to break that cheap piece of alumunum than the wire halyard. But if you insist on getting a stronger handle to really crack it up there then nothing beats a 1/4 ratching socket wrench. It will do the job but be careful.