Cam cleat parts

One of my spinnaker cam cleats has a split ring on top, which prevents the cam from rotating When the mounting screw is tightened.
Does anyone know which model of cam cleats the boat has, and is that part available as a repair part?
Chris Rogers

Here is the complete cleat on FS Inc Store
You can also buy the ball bearings and other parts, for these cleats, but it’s a hassle.  If you like plastic ball bearings, little springs and other parts to play with, you might want to try APS.
Heres the rebuild kit, which is about half the cost of a new cleat. I would buy a new cleat, with wedge and screws, from FS, if it was me.

BTW, some boats have Harken Micro Cleats.  These are smaller, so be sure you are getting the right ones.