Boom Needs Replacement

Our sailing vacation with 3430 to Traverse City Michigan was great.  Perfect weather.  Sailing and sailing.  Sadly we failed to notice an oak limb obstructing the boat ramp haul out area.  Sheared the fore-stay, and down came the mast neatly slicing the boom just aft of the Vang "Keeper" track.I see that I can buy a new empty boom from the store, but how do I remove the riveted hardware and fasten it to the new boom?Anybody done this before?

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 Yikes, the Boom is not too bad but the Shipping is $270.  Money I don't have.   I plan to insert a schedule 80 aluminum pipe pressed to oval shape and Epoxied inside the sheared boom.   Any thoughts before I proceed to create this monster?

I am not too sure if the epoxy would work.  I think that the epoxy will crack up when it bends.  I think that you would be better off taking it to a welding shop that can do aluminum.  It should not be too expensive.  You might also want to have a sleeve welded over the broken part to reinforce the repair. 

You may want to check if there is a local fleet that might know of a used boom in better shape than yours.  Also, if FSInc is in your area to deliver a new boat, a mast or boom can come along at a reasonable charge.Where are you located?The Sandy Douglass regatta is next weekend.  It is near the factory.  Maybe there are boats from your area going?  They may be able to pick up a boom, if you prepay and arrange it.  Call Harry.

jim, did you resolve this? i thinksleeving will work only if the inner sleeve fits exactly inside the old boom and has a long overlap and the outer pices are pop riveted into place. if the sleeve is not long and tight, the pices will work apart. And, the repair willstill not be race legal. Any sleeving is illegal. Better to get a full boom, new or used. i just  replaced my boom tube and it was fairly easy transferring all fittings because you use "drive rivets" that you just hammer into the holes you've carefully drilled.  the factory could probably tell you who fromyour area is coming and maybe they can bring it back. alternately my old boom has a small bend at the vang and is yours free if you want. i am in downingtown PA and will be travelling to bedford/johnstown Pa in a fews weeks if that helps, don'tknow where you are...randy

Randy, your kindness never ceases to amaze me.  To the OP: Call Harry @ FS.  I bet he's got a used boom to spare.  Be thankful your mast didn't bend.  To get the old drive rivets out, I use a cold chisel to wack the top off.  Put the boom in the grass where it won't get scratched or dinged but still can be held firm.JHS