2022 Ohio District Championship - Sail for the Grail


From Dan Tobin:

The Ohio District Championship and Fleet 80 Sail for the Grail Regatta were held together on September 10 and 11 at Lake Arthur, Moraine State Park, Butler County, Pennsylvania. Wind conditions were light on Saturday, and the Race Day PRO Dan Goldberg set up three LF2 courses. The wind held pretty steady (for Moraine), and three races were completed by mid-afternoon. The Sunday traditional format was a Bridge-to-Bridge race that traversed the entire lake in one long lap. With all of the hills, peninsulas, streams and open lake areas, this Sunday Bridge-to-Bridge format is always a unique race, and brings out the best in the Flying Scot competitors. The race dodged the rain storms in the early morning and late afternoon and the regatta completed with all four planned races.

Top three Championship finishers were (1) Bruce and Lynn Kitchen, (2) Paul and Jean Rowan, and (3) Tuomas Sandholm, and Sophia Sandholm

Top three Challenger finishers were (1) Neil Styler an Alex Styler, and Mark Styler, (2) Todd and Anne Marie Smith, and (3) Dan Tobin and Jim Noel.

Full results are here.