2019 Midwest Districts - A Grand Time in Indy!


Photos by Sheela Krout - a link to lots more photos is below Story by Geiff Endris

The 2019 Midwest District Regatta was held on June 7-9, 2019 at the Eagle Creek Sailing Club in Indianapolis, IN.  We had a total of 16 competitors from 6 clubs (Clinton Lake SA, Carlyle SA, Ephraim YC, Eagle Creek SC, Indianapolis SC, and Cowan Lake SA)and 6 states (IN, IL, MO, MN, WI, and OH).  

Winds were 10-15 out of the East with gusts over 20.  The East wind made for a short course with lots of legs.  The racing was fierce with a premium on boat handling and gust management.  

After a hearty breakfast of buscuits and gravy with fruit, yogurt, and cinnamon rolls, everyone headed out to the course.  We started with a short 3-leg race, followed by 4 and 5 leg races each lasting about 30-45 minutes.  The Race Committee ran 5 races on Saturday as insurance against expected rain on Sunday. 

The rain came in overnight and was forecasted to continue through noon.  After a breakfast of scrambled eggs and sausage, the RC called a brief competitor's meeting to gauge interest in sailing in the rain.  Given the dismal forecast  for rain most of the day and the long drive home for many of the racers, everyone decided to call it a regatta and pack it in.   So, Saturday's results stood as the overall regatta results.

Ephraim YC brought 3 boats and finished 1-2-3 for the regatta.  Hugh Haggerty and Sarah Olson won the regatta with 6 points over 5 races.  Second was Michael Faugust and Jennifer Iikeda-Faugust.  Third was Cain Goettelman & Gordy Roberts. 

Full regatta resutls are here..

Regatta photos are here.