2019 Douglass/Orr Regatta - Sprite Island, Norwalk, CT


Report is from Linda Gordon, Fleet 142 Captain at Sprite Island. Photos are by Todd Field and Mark Riefenhauser,

Thanks to all sailors who for travelling to the Douglass/Orr Regatta.  It was great to have 14 boats participating with 8 visitors. We recognize the extra effort of towing to Sprite and a big thanks to Cedar Point for serving as a launch point and also providing the towing.  The regatta could not happen without your generosity.  We love to share the unique island setting at Sprite and learn more about sailing scots from other clubs.  The detailed race results are attached and I will forward award photos shortly.

Congrats to the First Place finisher Roger & Kate Sharp who traveled the greatest distance from Lake Massapoag Yacht Club in Sharon, MA. Roger and his daughter Laura were also the First Place finisher in 2011 & 2016. Second Place went to Dave Hoffman and Mary Margaret Poster of neighboring Cedar Point Yachr Club.  Third Place went to Mark Riefenhauser and his son Adam from Candlewood Yacht Club in Fairfield, CT.

This first race of each day also served as legs for the Connecticut Cup (Cedar Point, Candlewood and Sprite Island(. The  Top Standings: are 1. Riefenhauser  2 3 -total 5, 2. Hoffman  2 4 -total 6 and 3. Irving  5 3 total 8

I must add a big thanks to Peter Feick and Bob Counihan as Regatta Chairs who did all the planning as well as the work.  Peter was Race Committee chair and Bob took care of the awards and dinner.  Many thanks to our Vice Commodore Adam Siburn and Rear Commodore Bob Keyes who raced once day and then acted as mark boat day 2.. Last but not least, thank you to our PRO Patrice and Todd Field for support. 

Full results are here.