2015 Midwest Districts and Egyptian Cup - Carlyle Sailing Association, IL



The Midwest Districts began Friday 9/4 when Brian Hayes of North Sails conducted an all day seminar on how to improve set up, sail trim and boat handling. Demonstrations of tuning and sail trim were held on a boat in the shade. That was followed by in class power point review. Then we launched boats in light winds for on the water exercises. Brian had just raced with his son, winning the New York District in a Scot. His insights were very helpful to all. We are looking forward to racing Saturday with our new level of understanding the dynamics of sail trim.

Saturday at CSA was hot and winless. We were unable to race but Brian Hayes continued instruction with strategy and tactics. The afternoon found the competitors anxiously looking at the water and getting to know one another. Once it became hopeless all turned to their libations at the wine and cheese party.  Our professional chef sailor Greg Ziegenfuss presented a fabulous dinner. After dinner we were entertained by ourLinda Ditzler who wowed the crowd with her singing.  Fireworks lit up the sky as darkness fell upon the day. A good time even without wind. 

On Sunday our astute PRO Ted Beier called for the competitors to leave the harbor at 8 AM. Racing commenced shortly thereafter and two races were finished in light air. After the results were tallied Ryan Malmgren of MAD Sails and crew Stacy Rieu led all 21 competitors to the finish line in both races. Bill Vogler and crew came in second followed by Ben Williams and Deb Aronson. Frank Gerry and Marianne took Fourth with Jim and Betty Harris in Fifth. (Tyler Andrews and Carrie Andrews finished second in points but were only qualified for the Egyptian Cup as Deer Park MD is a long way from the Midwest District).

Carlyle Sailing Association racers out pointed Clinton Lake sailors by 2 points and won the District Fleet trophy. Another trophy was the Century trophy given to the team whose combined age was greater than 100 and placing the highest which was also won by Vogler and crew. The famous 55 year old Egyptian Cup trophy will once again bear Ryan Malmgren's name.

Special thanks to FSSA for the handsome district metals cast to look like gold , bronze and silver which were given out for the District trophies to Captain and crew.

Eric Bussell of Fleet 83 made a fine Go Pro video on Ryan Malmgren's start which you can find along with other instructional videos he has made at midwestflyingscot.blogspot.com.

The Midwest District is now traveling to the Glow on Clinton Lake, IL on Sept 25-27 home of Fleet 135.

Results are here.