2013 27th Annual Saratoga Invitational - Day 2



Sunday 8/11 brought us another beautiful day at Saratoga Lake, NY, with light and variable southeast winds to start the last race. The winds were fluky and spotty towards the middle of the race, then died near the end if the course. The leaders sat near the finish line waiting to see if they could get what they needed to just make it across the finish line. The wind finally came in from the southwest pushing several of the other boats right up to the leaders, but not quite in time to beat them. Several of the boats behind changed places with each other as the wind got to them at different times.

Trophies were awarded to the top 5

1 Ryan Malmgren and Stacey Rieu - Ephraim YC

2 Jay and Brian McNeff - Massapoag YC

3 Bernie Zabek and Bill Metz - Saratoga Lake SC

4 Jim Cavanagh and John Houstle

5 Greg and Diane Kampf


Thanks to regatta chairs Misha and Olga Gutin and crew - always a fun time! Full results are here