Cedar Point YC Warm Spring Warm Up Regatta

I just wanted to take a moment to mention the Cedar Point Regatta and thank the members of Cedar Point for hosting a great regatta last weekend. We are really looking forward to the NACs. My Dad and I left my house at 5:00 AM Saturday morning and made it to the club by 8:00 AM. In the past we have stayed at the Double Tree in but this was only one day so we bagged the hotel and decided to do it in one day. On the way down we decided that we would swap duties. I would skipper and Dad would crew. I think that this change worked out pretty well for us. Occasionally I have a hard time making necessary tactical decisions so I was able to focus on keeping the boat going fast while Dad was able to trim things without the distraction of driving the boat. I think that we did pretty well considering that we have never sailed together in that formation. We had a late start due to some fog which can be frustrating but it worked out in the end. The wind was perfect blowing at around 10 to 15 knots. We had to hike out a little but it was not particularly taxing. It was a perfect breeze for nice roll tacks. After the third race we had a small disaster. Our spinnaker take down was terrible. The pole got twisted up around the bail in a way that broke off pole's tip when Dad pulled the pull back from the shroud. I told him to be careful because it was all wonky but he did not listen to me. My heart sank a bit when I heard the snap and the little piece of busted aluminum sank into the deep. For the last race we flew the chute without the pole but it was difficult and tiring... ...well not for me. After the racing we ended up taking the boat apart in some light rain. It was not a big deal because we had such a great day. The club has showers so racers were able to clean up before dinner. Thanks again to the members of CPYC for hosting the event. We are looking forward to seeing you in July at the NACs