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The newest edition of Sn'W illustrates a 1:2 spinnaker halyard 'pump' and describes the use of take-up reels for the spinnaker sheets. As it would pertain to Scot's that compete in sanctioned Class regattas: A) Refering to S-III-i of The By-laws, is this set-up a permitted modification ? B) Refering to S-III-j of The By-laws and CMR #51, are take-up reels on the spinnaker sheets a permitted modification ? As always, thank you for the great articles in Scots n' Water. Another reason we have such a wonderful Association.


This is a topic which really needs input from the Cheif Measurer

This is a topic which really needs input from the Cheif Measurer. I question the legallity of the 1:2 spin' halyard pump and the take up reels on the spinnaker sheets for class sanctioned events. The spinnaker pump as mentioned by Hot Wheels in another post indicated it's not legal. Mark FS 5516 Don't Panic

The 1:2 system described in the Sn'W is not permitted ( Hot Whee

The 1:2 system described in the Sn'W is not permitted ( Hot Wheels is correct) by the Flying Scot Sailing Association Specification Article S - III para 5, i (copied below). A 1:2 system means that the person raising the spinnaker approximately 20 feet (assuming the spinnaker is stored on the seat before launch) only has to pull about 10 feet of line for a full hoist. The obvious reason this system is not permitted is that it provides an advantage to the boat because of the potential for a quicker set. This same para does allow "a device for retracting the halyard". This wording would allow the system described in the article and any other system such as the take-up reel to be used. The matter of a take-up system for the spinnaker sheets is not addressed in para j and as such, is not an allowed system. This is based on the WARNING listed at the beginning of the Specification. Article S - III para 5,i. "Spinnaker Halyard - Shall be either double or single ended and lead through the spinnaker halyard fairlead (or through a small block attached thereto) whose centerline is located a maximum of eight (8) inches above the centerline of the shroud vang attachment bolt (which is located eighteen (18) feet ± one (1) inch from the base of the mast). Method of attachment to the spinnaker, lead and cleating are optional. Only one-to-one hoist arrangements are permitted. A device for retracting the halyard as the spinnaker is hoisted is permitted. Options include a throughdeck fitting and a turning block mounted on the deck or tabernacle." As a point of interest, Sandy Douglas suggested that the best way (also the cheapest- him being Scottish) to have a controlled take down of the spinnaker was to run the halyard through the pad eye on the mast - no block, as the increase in friction helps control the drop. The increase in friction on the hoist is not significant (usually the spinnaker is not inflated hence less tension) unless it is blowing so hard that you would be best not to raise the thing anyway. Please understand that the Specification is a living document that can be change by the FSSA members in accordance with Article XX - Amendments. If a Class Member believes that the Class would benefit with a change to the Specification, in this case permit a 1:2 spinnaker halyard system, it can be brought to a vote of the members by following the procedures in Article XX. It was an oversight that this article was printed in Sn'W. The next Sn'W will contain an article addressing the points raised above to clarify this issue for the members. Bob Neff Chief Measurer

Thanks for the clarification Bob.

Thanks for the clarification Bob. Mark FS 5516 Don't Panic