2009 U.S. Sailing Men's Championship - Flying Scot

I saw on the U.S. Sailing website that the U.S. Men's Sailing Championship in 2009 will be sailed in Flying Scot's. U.S. Men's Sailing Championship for the Clifford D. Mallory Cup 9/23/09-9/26/09 Bay Waveland Yacht Club Bay St. Louis, Mississippi Boat: Flying Scot Does anybody know how this competition works? It seems one has to submit an application and be selected to compete. Are there qualifying rounds regionally? Are competitors required to join the FSSA (that would be good for the class)? TomT


The Mallory Cup, like the Adams Cup for women, pits the winners

The Mallory Cup, like the Adams Cup for women, pits the winners of US Sailing Area Elimination regattas in a final series. For more information on Areas, format, etc. refer to the US Sailing "National Championships" section under "Racing". (The schedule for 2009 isn't posted yet.) NB: Our own immediate Past Commodore, Bill Ross, has been and is the National Chairman for the Mallory Cup. Also, the last time the Mallory Cup was sailed in Flying Scots (2005), Zak Fanberg with his wife,Sara Fanberg, and Marcus Eagan won. It so happens they hail from Bay Waveland YC, scene of 2009's Mallory Cup. The regatta was sailed at American YC in Rye, NY, right after Katrina had wiped out Bay Waveland YC. The team arrived at the regatta with almost nothing except the clothes on ther backs. FSSA Forum editor