We Sailed Saratoga Again - 2006

The weekend of 8/12-8/13, at Saratoga’a 20th Annual Flying Scot Invitational, several of Fleet 76's younger sailors took home trophies sailing with their skippers. It was great to see so many families and younger people sailing in this regatta. Peter and Ann Seidman put on the usual wonderful event, while celebrating their wedding anniversary party with all of us! There were 9 boats from Massapoag's Fleet 76 in the regatta, and 2 other boats with Massapoag members crewing. Ryan Werden crewed for the Championship Division 1st place skipper, Chris Danilek Brian McNeff crewed for his father, Jay McNeff and thy came in 5th in the Championship Division Sam Koval crewed for Jim Cavanagh and they came in 6th place in the Champiohship Division Brandon Dickerman crewed for Gary Werden and they came in 12th in the Championship Division Stacey Rieu and her sister Heather crewed for their father Ralph Rieu and they came in 2nd in the Challenger Division Zachary Rubinstein crewed for his father, Randy Rubinstein and they came in 4th in the Challenger Division Emma Davidson crewed for her father, Harvey Davidson and they came in 13th in the Challenger Division Along with the younger sailors, there were also 3 couples and another boat from Massapoag: Ed and Marne Wojtaszek sailed in the Champioship Division Greg and Diane Kampf sailed in the Challenger Division in a borrowed boat (still waiting for ours to be fixed from the NAC) Rick and Niki Tattersfield sailed in the Challenger Division Dave Rousseau and Blake Suddath sailed in the Challenger Division The race committee had its hands full with the lights winds on Saturday morning, causing a postponement to late morning, and then had to fight with the ever shifting winds later in the day. The first race started with an upwind leg that suddenly changed to a downwind leg just before the start. It was interesting seeing the boats flying spinnakers on the first “upwind” leg. Subsequent races were better for racing and we were able to get 3 races in for the Championship Division and 2 races for the Challenger Division. We then came in for a great dinner barbecued on site by a local caterer. Sunday began with a beautiful sunny morning, but unfortunately there was not much wind to be had. We waited for some time hoping for it to pick up as it had the day before, but it was not to be this time. Although we were not able to get on the water Sunday, the regatta was a great time for all of us. We caught up with people we had not seen since the NAC and we reminisced about the times we had shared there. And as we packed up the boats and left Saratoga, we were already thinking about the next time. Hopefully we will see many of the people we saw this weekend at the Massapoag yacht Club 57th annual Regatta on September 9 – 10. Thanks again to Peter and Ann for a wonderful weekend. Anyone who has not sailed Saratoga needs to come next year!!! Diane Kampf dianekampf@charter.net


Sorry I missed you.

Sorry I missed you. We were, in all places, southeastern Mass. for the w/e. Glad you had a good time 2 Saratoga; hopefully, we'll make Massapoag. Emmett McCarthy, formerly FS1878, now 4406