What are the merits and weaknesses of the various spinnaker designs: crosscut, biradial, triradial, etc. John McLaughlin Ngulule Customflex #1554


John It is a personal preference.

John It is a personal preference. Each cut has their merits. In general, crosscuts are good downwind, and reaching on a broad reach. For tighter reaches, the biradial and triradials are better. Keep in mind, this is my personal preference and everyone will have different opinions. The key is sailing the chute right. Too often one will have the latest and best and only fail to fly it right. If you fly the chute, don't take your eyes off it, if you do, it almost guaranteed that it will collapse and you will have to work back up again. I have sailed with each and I prefer the crosscuts. I believe the crosscut is the most forgiving and best all around cut. Having raced against each of the cuts with my crosscut, I can honestly say that it really doesn't matter which cut you have, because it comes down to who can really make that chute fly and keep the boat moving. Simply said, KTFBM [:)] Mark FS 5516 Grey Hare