Foot Straps?!

Although this post may be akin to beating a dead horse for many members, a recent thread stating that foot straps will always be illegal started me thinking about the topic again. The threads I’ve read discuss class tradition and competitive advantage. While class tradition is a worthy line of reasoning, the competitive advantage jury is still out. In truth, most threads mock the policy by discussing work-arounds like: taller folks use a plate under the mainsheet block, or wedge your foot under the cabin top. The discussion for foot straps must unequivocally focus on safety. I migrated from a class that allows foot straps and know that straps have saved me from many untimely swims, to the point where even in light air I sail with my feet under the straps. I fear that one day soon I will find myself looking at my Scot’s transom in the same fashion as an FSSA officer did at a major 2005 Regatta. FSSA places a high value on one-design traditions and I purchased my Scot with this in mind. Those who advocate for hiking straps so they can do sit-ups all afternoon have plenty of other boats to choose from. Our challenge is to craft a policy that preserves the nature of Scot racing while making it safer to sit on the rail. The lack of foot straps on a Flying Scot, which can contribute to a sailor going overboard, is a safety issue that needs to be addressed. And more to the point, how can you talk on your VHF radio if you’re off swimming ;) Len Guenther


Why not just safety lines then? And, please, do not start t

Why not just safety lines then? And, please, do not start the VHF/recall discussion again.