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To: All those folks who are thinking about doing the Midwinters I have had many chances to sail at SPYC over the past 20 years and thought I'd post some lodging notes that may be helpful. There is a LOT to do in downtown St. Pete. and the YC is in the heart of downtown but it is kind of a "lazy" downtown. Not a lot of hustle and bustle. Very relaxing spot. Re: Hotels. It's fairly important to reserve early to get the best deals. Here are some hints.. Hilton Downtown St. Pete- is directly across the street from the sailing center and, theoretically, once you park your car there you won't need it for the rest of the week as everything is walking distance. It is a full service hotel (pool, bar, restaurant)and fairly nice (but beginning to age a bit). Rooms can be as low as $99/night. Usually though it's around $110. They do charge to park your car (as does everywhere downtown) so plan on a couple extra $$$ for parking.;jsessionid=DYL4R3FDDRO2CC... Hampton Inn downtown- There are 2 Hampton Inns that will show up on the internet for St. Pete. The downtown one is the way to go if possible. Same as Hilton for being close. Fall out the door into the YC basically. Prices are usually a little more than the Hilton but same family of hotels and the Hampton is only about 3 years old. Internet rates this week were $110/night.;jsessionid=DYL4R3F... Ponce De Leon- Is an old style SP hotel. Probably 4 or 5 floors and an elevator that needs an attendant to run it(literally.. It is not a push button elevator.. At least last time I was there!!). Also, everything is walking distance from there and prices are usually about $80/night. It ain't the Ritz (by any stretch) but perhaps cheapest and most convienent. Holiday Inn Hermitage- Located on 4th St. Very nice, Southern-style Holiday Inn. I saw prices listed today on the internet for the week of the regatta for $85/night if you have the"Entertainment Card". Very low rate for this hotel.. Probably around 1/2 mile to the club. You will see other hotels listed for downtown (The Pier, Manson House) but the above 4 are the best for clean and habitable. There are also hotels on St. Pete Beach but plan on 1/2 hour drive back and forth. If searching the internet use "The Bayfront Center" or "11 Central Ave." to determine distance from the hotel to the YC. If you have a question about a specific hotel email me( Either Greg (, myself or someone we know has probably stayed there and we can try to supply information. Hope this helps.. If people are interested I'll post information on activities (Spring training baseball, golf) and restaurant information as well.. Brian


Thanks for the info, Brian.

Thanks for the info, Brian. Hank Sykes FSSA Forum editor