Championship & Challenger Division

Ok, I'll mark myself as a clueless person once more. What's the difference between the championship and challenger division?
Claus FS5074 Ames, IA


No shame in being clueless.

No shame in being clueless. We all start out that way. :-) The Championship division is the top division comprised of the better racers. The Challenger division is for less experienced racers. Some regattas refer to them as "A" and "B" fleets. At Mid-Winters and many other regattas, sailors choose their fleet based on their own assessment of their skill. Typically, the winner of the Challenger fleet must sail in the Championship fleet the following year. At the Nationals, the first two days are devoted to a qualification series to determine who sails in each fleet. The sailors are divided into 4 divisions at registration. Each division races with the each of the others in kind of a round robin format. After the 3 qualification races, those in the top half of the overall standings become the Championship fleet and those in the bottom half become the Challenger fleet. Hope this helps!