2011 Mary Doolittle Queen Of Scots Regatta


Gull Lake Yacht Club, Richland, MI
United States
42° 22' 34.14" N, 85° 27' 18.018" W
Regatta Date: 
Saturday, August 20, 2011 - Sunday, August 21, 2011


Looking for new or used

Looking for new or used mast.

After all these years we were unfortunate in that our mast was badly bent. We're looking for a new or used replacement. Anyone know how or where to get a hold of one? Our boat is on Gull Lake, Michigan.

Hi, This is Tom Lechota with

Hi, This is Tom Lechota with the Gull Lake YC Scots....I know of a mast...maybe slightly bent...but I have one!  email  tomlechota@gmail .com  or 269-345-2812    


Corrected evennt date

Corrected evennt date