Who can post on this site?

Occasionally FSSA web site members and even long time FSSA members find they cannot make a post on this site.  In addition some will add a comment to an existing post and then cannot find it later.

Here is what is going on.

Before the release of this "new" FSSA web site, anyone could sign up and post as long as they had a valid email address.  Spammers discovered this and the web site became routinely filled with junk.  Your web team battled it by restricting posts from certain countries, using Captcha validation and other measures but we were unsuccessful.

So our only recourse was to allow postings from known good users and prevent them from all others.  These known good users are determined as follows:  Anyone who is an FSSA member; Anyone who has previously posted good content; Anyone who has sent an inquiry via the web site contact form.

In addition we allow anyone to submit a comment for posting.  Once the comment has been confirmed to not be junk the comment is posted and that user is then allowed to post freely.

We understand this can be inconvenient but feel we have no other choice.

So if you have trouble posting use the site contact form to let us know.  We'll authorize your posting as soon as we can.