Which Mast Ring?

My Scot has two rings on the mast for the spinnaker pole.

Mast Spinnaker Pole Rings

I'm looking for advice on which ring to use in which situations.



Since ideally both clews of

Since ideally both clews of the chute should be at the same height, the topping lift needs to be raised or lowered to keep the leeches  parallel.  And since the pole should be as level as possible the inboard end of the pole needs to be adjusted.  Older Scots have a track on the mast and newer Scots have 2 rings. 

In light air use the lower ring until the outboard end is adjusted higher than the inboard end, at which point switch to the upper ring as the wind increases. 

Upper Ring

So use the upper ring in heavier air and if sailing deeper?

Glenn Wesley

FS #5919 - DJ'

Use my boat

Glenn, we could trade for a season.  My boat has the nifty adjustable track.  I have never moved it.  It's in the middle somewhere.


The part I have been trying to get better at is looking for breeze and shifts behind me, and staying on them, while getting my windex to point at the boat ahead to sneak up on their air.  My starts at the WH gave me ample opportunity to try to pass boats that were ahead of me....;-)

Phil Scheetz

Flying Scot 5919

Fleet 163, Nockamixon Sail Club

Keep an eye on that track

I used to have the adjustable track until the whole thing came off in a blow.  It was surpising seeing it swing around on the end of the pole.  I quickly replaced it with the two rings.  Just make sure that the rivets holding the track to the mast are in good shape.  I have heard that the car can twist off of the track but I am not sure if that is true.