Swap From Trailer to Stands

Anyone have insight to using a long - 10', 4x4, or (2) 4x4's under the bow to quickly swap the Scot from trailer to stands ?

The bottle-jack jockey is a 45 minute hassle.

I'd love to get (1-2) 4x4's long enough to clear the trailer wheels - use two bottle jacks on top of cinder blocks with the 4x4('s) on top of the jacks - rest the hull by the transom on boat stands, and bottle jack the bow up in one shot - and slide the trailer out.  5 minutes !  Then boat stands in the front.

Obvious concern is the weight snapping the 4x4 although I doubt (2) 4x4's side by side would break.

Not looking for a dangerous situation, just a safe, faster one.  Anyone do this ?