Spinnakers, new and old

I need to part with at least one spinnaker:

2004 North Crosscut, lots of use, but still wins races, gray and red:  $95

2003 North Crosscut, less use, white with purple stripe:  $200

2008 North Radial, won the Districts with this kite in 2011, still very fast, used only for major events, not out of the bag every year: $420

2010 Gus Crosscut, virtually new, white with gray and red, fast and like-new:  $455.00

John Luard




a couple questions about your spinnakers for sale

can you email at zellerb1@hotmail.com ?  I have a couple questions about your spinnakers for sale.



Spinnaker for sale

Are they still for sale?

North Radial

Is this sail still for sail - if so email RobertMcCorkle@gmail.com

Spinnakers still available

The two older Norths and the Gus are still available. 



2004 North Cross-Cut Spinnaker

Hi John,


I am interested in purchasing your 2004 North Cross-Cut spinnaker.


Could you contact me at apdendobe@aol.com so that we can make this happen?


Many thanks,





Is the 2004  North spinnaker stii a available ?


Please contact  at: crech1@gmail.com