Sheets and cordage

Is there a recommended site for cord other than the FS store? 22 bucks for a forty foot sheet seems a little expensive.



Are they for Jib Sheets?

Send me an email, I am sure I have some used that I can send you for free... but honestly, $22 is not expensive when it come to boat cordage.  theshaytoon [@]

I think I pay around $2 a foot for the spin sheets on my boat.  I know that is nuts...don't worry, the wife and the dogs give me dirty looks.


What diameter should I be

What diameter should I be looking at for chute sheets? I'm looking on



Brian Dellett

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Spin Sheets

I have two sets, a set for light air, they are 3/16.

And the set I use for normal to heavy air is 1/4. 

I buy all my line (everything) from Vela Sailing Supply... Their prices are Awesome!  No TAX and Usually Free Shipping.  

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