Seat drains

Our seat drains seem to constantly clog up with what ever blows our way (seeds, pollen, and such).  We have mused about upsizing the drains to 3/4 inch.  I am curious if anyone has ever done this.  It would seem that a problem would be trying to get them close to flush on the seats. I have also thought that maybe a bathtub screen might help when the boat sits on the mooring.


Seat drains again

So, my earlier inquiry about upsizing the seat drains didn't get any responses, so I will try a different tack.  So what has worked for people for a snake to clear the drains?  When we are on shore it has been easy to clear a drain with a pressure water hose or compressed air, but out on the mooring it has been more difficult.

I guess this was precipitated by this weekend when we boarded both seat drains were fully plugged and all the rainwater had ended up in the bilge despite having a cockpit cover.  If only the seat drains had worked a good part of that water would have been drained overboard.


Bernie Baker 

Flying Scot 3036

What is getting clogged in

What is getting clogged in  there ?  Bigger drains will allow bigger things to get clogged i.e. coins, shells, nuts/bolts.  I almost never have the seat drain get clogged with anything and she sits on a mooring, on a saltwater Bay uncovered for 4 months.

Under the seat, are your brass tubes bent ?  Are the hoses to the transom clear and,a smooth run ? Have you pulled the hoses off to assure that they are 100% clear ?  If there is something that is slightly obstructing the hose or the brass ends - even the smallest debris can start to accumulate and clog.  I'd pull the hoses off and run a snake through them.  The same with the brass drains.  I'd replace the hoses before I drilled bigger holes anywhere.

I have replaced all of these drains - and I can say, when they are in perfect working order - they work...  If you want advice to enlarge them,I can advise you, but I don't recommend it at all.  




What is getting clogged in





What is getting clogged in

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Seat Drains

The rudder pin is 3/8 dia., so it makes a pretty good plunger for the seat drains. Put it into the drain and pump it up and down a few times and it usually clears the clog.