Seat drains

Our seat drains seem to constantly clog up with what ever blows our way (seeds, pollen, and such).  We have mused about upsizing the drains to 3/4 inch.  I am curious if anyone has ever done this.  It would seem that a problem would be trying to get them close to flush on the seats. I have also thought that maybe a bathtub screen might help when the boat sits on the mooring.


Seat drains again

So, my earlier inquiry about upsizing the seat drains didn't get any responses, so I will try a different tack.  So what has worked for people for a snake to clear the drains?  When we are on shore it has been easy to clear a drain with a pressure water hose or compressed air, but out on the mooring it has been more difficult.

I guess this was precipitated by this weekend when we boarded both seat drains were fully plugged and all the rainwater had ended up in the bilge despite having a cockpit cover.  If only the seat drains had worked a good part of that water would have been drained overboard.


Bernie Baker 

Flying Scot 3036

What is getting clogged in

What is getting clogged in  there ?  Bigger drains will allow bigger things to get clogged i.e. coins, shells, nuts/bolts.  I almost never have the seat drain get clogged with anything and she sits on a mooring, on a saltwater Bay uncovered for 4 months.

Under the seat, are your brass tubes bent ?  Are the hoses to the transom clear and,a smooth run ? Have you pulled the hoses off to assure that they are 100% clear ?  If there is something that is slightly obstructing the hose or the brass ends - even the smallest debris can start to accumulate and clog.  I'd pull the hoses off and run a snake through them.  The same with the brass drains.  I'd replace the hoses before I drilled bigger holes anywhere.

I have replaced all of these drains - and I can say, when they are in perfect working order - they work...  If you want advice to enlarge them,I can advise you, but I don't recommend it at all.  




What is getting clogged in





What is getting clogged in

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Seat Drains

The rudder pin is 3/8 dia., so it makes a pretty good plunger for the seat drains. Put it into the drain and pump it up and down a few times and it usually clears the clog.

Hose drain

Feeling a little silly today.  When I wiggled underneath the counter and seats it was an easy matter to pull off the hoses and clear the hose and the drain out.  I should probably get new plastic hoses as theyare pretty stiff and aged.  Putting one of the hoses back on, it did pop up the drain out of the seat, but I imagine I could just reseat it with a little adhesive caulk to hold it in position.

Good for you !  That was easy

Good for you !  That was easy !  I would either use a little resin mixed with cabosil ( consistency of mayonnaise ) or, if you're not a fiberglass guy - ( you should learn it's pretty easy ), I'd use MarineTex and put a weight on top of the repair that makes sure that the flange stays flush where it should be ( make sure the hose is not connected for this so there's no added pressure on the copper tube. )  You don't want this to pop up - ever.  I'd certainly opt for Marine Tex before something like 5200.  Be sure to clean all the attaching parts - sand and clean with acetone, then tape off areas so whatever medium you use doesn't get where you dont want it.

Also, those old green water hoses are darn good as they don't sag - if you can re-use them, I would. 





Seat Drains

I also have pine needles and other tree stuff clogging my drains.  I use a super soaker..the kind that is like a single actions pump.

This "toy" is also useful as a bilge pump and of course, it helps keep the kids on sunfishes away while you waiting for the wind to pick up for a start.

Duck bombed


I thought after getting my seat drains flowing, I would be all set for speedy access to the boat with minimum time to bail and setup the boat.

Ohmigosh!  I went out to the boat Saturday of Labor Day weekend and the boat was covered with duck feces.  It was enough to make one take up duck hunting!  It took two hours of rubber glove work and scrubbing to get it cleaned up.  And sure enough, they were back Saturday night!

Oh well, we got it cleaned again and pulled the boat out of the water for the season.  This was the first time in two years that we had been birded.  Now we are thinking what do we do next year?  A full boom tent might help keep them off, maybe?  Anybody else dealt with this problem?