Recent Web Site Problems Recap

Over the last month your Flying Scot Sailing Association Web Site has experienced severe difficulties.

We first noted the site experiencing extreme slowness.  We were then notified by our hosting provider that our site was generating high bandwidth spikes.  This means our site was consuming excessive computing resources.

We initiated an investigatation but we could not identify the source.

Next we regenerated the web site in a new virtual machine.  This solved the immediate problems.  The site could be accessed quickly and the bandwidth spikes were gone.

Unfortunately our backups were suspect so we were unable to restore the site to it's former good state.  So we began the arduous task of finding and fixing what was missing.  Here is the list of features we have discovered to be problematic.  All have since been fixed.

  • Missing front page photos
  • WYSIWYG editting was gone.  This allows you to edit your post in a natural fashion.
  • Notifications from the site via email including the site contact form did not work.
  • Updates of personal account information did not get saved.
  • Resetting your password was not possible.
  • The Store including membership renewal did not work.
  • Photo uploads were disabled.

At this point we know of only two minor things not working.  First SSL (secure socket layer) is not operative.  You use SSL when your url address for the site begins with "https".  If you use that you will either see a complaint about invalid certificate or the web page missing.

The second feature not working is logging in with your FaceBook account.  As far as we can tell, no current FSSA.COM member uses this access.

We appreciate everyone's patience in this matter.

If you see anything that makes you suspect the site is not working properly, please let us know.

Your FSSA Web Site Team



website fixes

Thanks for all your efforts. Perhaps now we should have a bit more sympathy for!

December 24, 2013

On Tuesday December 24, 2013 we were down from 3:04 pm ET until about 7:53 pm.  The host Apache web server consumed all available memory.  A reboot solved the problem.  We are still investigating the root cause.


Glenn Wesley

FS #5919 - DJ'