Public Service Announcements to promote Flying Scot sailing

Community outreach on little or no budget is a challenge that most fleets face.   How do we get the word out about the joys and benefits of sailing and how do we convert interested prospects into Scot sailors? 

At Clinton Lake, Flying Scot Fleet 135 may have stumbled into something that could help our cause.   In May, the Illini Radio Group in Champaign-Urbana Illinois will run 170 PSAs (Public Service Announcements across six radio stations to promote the Clinton Lake Sailing Association open house on May 21.   These 30-second spots are valued at approximately $3500 and we don't have to spend a dime!

The radio station explained to us that because of competition from the internet, they want to distinguish themselves by being more local and featuring cool things about the local community.  They were surprised to learn what our club had to offer and didn't realize people could go sailing in central Illinois.   They made it sound as if we were doing them a favor by asking them to spread the word.   The radio station even asked us to record a 15-minute podcast to explain what Clinton Lake Sailing Association had to offer and this will be featured on their website in addition to the radio spots.   I can't believe we never thought to ask until now!

This level of promotion has never existed before for our club and fleet.   We are hoping it results in heightened awareness and more fleet members.  This week, we will be reaching out to radio stations in the Decatur and Bloomington-Normal markets that also surround Clinton Lake.    We are sharing this information with the class and assuming this type of advertising would be good for other clubs and fleets throughout the country.   The worst they can say is no. 

Here is our :28 spot that we will be running:
Looking for a fun , affordable, family friendly recreational activity?   The Clinton Lake Sailing Association wants to introduce you one of the area's best kept secrets.   Take a short drive to Clinton Lake on Saturday May 21st and join us for our open house.   The fun begins at 1pm.  We'll be offering free sailboat rides and free food and beverages, so bring the family for a relaxing afternoon on the water.  To learn more about Clinton Lake Sailing and our open house this Saturday, please visit us on the web at

We are excited to show prospects why the Flying Scot is the perfect boat for them.  If you think this could work for your fleet, don't hesitate to contact me if I can be of any assistance. 

Smooth Sailing,

Eric Bussell Fleet 135