North sails

Very good weekend racing sails M,J and S. Excellent racing results. Sails always rolled and wintered indoors.

$400 plus shipping. Located in NJ. Also, lots of misc. Scot gear and fittings.    B.Ewing


How old are the sails? What

How old are the sails? What color is the spinnaker?

Sails are 8-9 yrs old but

Sails are 8-9 yrs old but haven't been used since they won the 2008 greater NY districts. Spin is turquois/white/purple. I've had to stop sailing and have lots of misc. parts also. I forgot to add my email:

North Sails

Do you still have these sails for sale? Also wondering what other gear you might have for sale.




CE Smith

-- CES


Do you have the spinnaker ? what is the condition and how much are you asking. I live in Maryland zip 20901 Gabor