New North RCH Main

Has anyone tried the new Radial Clew and Head Mainsail from North yet?  This looks like a great idea to make the main hold its shape longer.  

Any opinions on it, compared to the AP Main?  I think one of the benefits is also supposed to be a little more shape forward,which I guess would give it a little more low-end punch.



I purchased this sail but

I purchased this sail but it's still in the sail loft waiting for the ice to thaw.  My understanding when I bought it was that the sail shape was the same as the AP but the radial design will help reduce stretch and extend the life of the sail.  We'll see how this works out...


Cool, let me know what you think after some sailing time...

Phil Scheetz

Flying Scot 5919

Fleet 163, Nockamixon Sail Club