NEW on FSSA.COM: Email Notifications

Now that most of the site problems are behind us it's time to move forward.

As the first initiative of the winter season we have added the ability for Members to be notified via email of new content on this web site.  You can receive a daily digest of new and updated posts on FSSA.COM.

To use this you enable it in your account settings.

  • At the bottow right of this page find "My account" in the USER MENU.  When you click on this like you are taken to the area of the site where you can maintain your personal settings.
  • Click on the NOTIFICATION SETTINGS tab. 

Notification Settings

Here you set up the notifications.  The first section enables you to turn on/off the notifications.  The next part allows you to tailor the content you receive in the message.

  • Whether you see new content as well as updated content.
  • The form of the notification.  If you receive just the title, a small portion or the entire post.
  • Whether you see comments.

Be sure to hit the SAVE SETTINGS button when you are done.

Give it a try!