More than Just Racing at the 2019 Glow in the Dark Regatta, Clinton Lake, IL

2019Glow32 2019Glowlv
32 boats on the line! Linda Vitt and Peg Woodworth
2019GloMM 2019Glowgames
Mark and Michele Taylor's new spinnaker for M&M Bronson Bowling and Bruce Kitchen as they waited for wind

There were 32 boats on the line on Saturday, 9/28/2019, at the Glow in the Dark Regatta at Clinton Lake, IL. The RC tried to be patient but it was not to be and the boats did not race that day. There may not have been wind but there was loads of camaraderie. On shore, there was a firece board game in proress betweeen Bronson Bowling and Bruce Kitchen as they waitied for wind (we were not told who won!)..

On Sunday, there was enough wind to get in 2 races in for the 22 Championship Division teams and the 10 Challenger Division teams. After the two races, Championship winners were Ryan Malgren and Stacey Rieu  and Challenger winners were Linda Vitt and Peg Woodworth. FUll resuolts are here.


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