Leaks only underway

My Scot 3430 does not leak at moorng,  but water enters when underway.  It is not bad, like a cup evcry 5 minutes,only on the left side of the centerboard trunk.  I can't tell the source,bot it seems to be near the tabernacle throughbolts.  Is it possible that water sloshing around in the cboard trunk is coming in that way?

Any thoughts on how to fix this?




I would check the drain hose

I would check the drain hose from the seats to the rear of the boat.  It's possible water is entering through the drain on the stern if the hose is off the pipe.

Definitely check the thru

Definitely check the thru bolts on the stanchion.  They are very close to the waterline in static conditions and are very prone to leak when underway.

Through bolts?

This doesn't seem logical to me. Where do the bolts in the stanchion see water? Isn't that front section of the trunk solid wood with fiberglass over it? Phil

Phil Scheetz

Flying Scot 5919

Fleet 163, Nockamixon Sail Club

Odd Leak

I'll isolate things when we sail this week and pay close attention to those bolts.   Sounds reasonable that since the mahogany gets dried out, that it shrinks a tiny bit, that could allow water in.  Will let you know.   Thanks for the suggestions.

Jamie Titus

Hose loose

I will check this out in the a.m., just in case.   This would explain water only on port side.

Jamie Titus

Call Harry if you don't find it...

If you don't find the leak, I would call Harry.  The stanchion bolts go throught the front of the keel section that is in front of the CB trunk.  Those bolts should not be exposed to water, unless the water is inside the boat.  The tip on the seat drain hoses is a good lead.  i would look at that side.

If you really think it is the bolts, you could remove them, only one at a time, goop up the holes, all the way through with 3M 5200 Sealant and then put them back in.  5200 will make them waterproof.  The catch is that with 5200, you will not be able to get them back out, ever, in all likelihood.  Take only one out at a time, to keep the tabernacle holes aligned.

I would doubt very much that is were the water is entering.  I find that water in the boat comes from 3 places:

1 Rain

2 Spray/Splash in breezy conditions, especially upwind in chop.

3 Capsize

A leaky plug could do it.  Look at the plug and the smooth edges of the drain hole.  If they are not so smooth, that could be it.


Phil Scheetz

Flying Scot 5919

Fleet 163, Nockamixon Sail Club

The other vulnerable leak

The other vulnerable leak path is the stem banding (brass/stainless/aluminum) which wraps around the stem toward the keelson. Often when owners reattach this piece they mistakenly thru-drill the mounting screws right into the interior of the boat . However, you would normally see some water accumulation even when the boat is moored.

The centerboard trunk is

The centerboard trunk is essentially two pieces joined together.  The front wall of the inside of my trunk is not especially well sealed  and in my case proved to be vulnerable to water migrating into those seams and ultimately exiting out the thru bolts.


I will inspect this area too, water entering would hide under the floatation pillow, and I might have missed it.

Jamie Titus


I'l check the plug, but there is not a drop at mooring, but easy to check that one.  Thanks.

Jamie Titus

That leak

Drain tubes are not leaking, dry there.  Bow is dry, no leak there.  Leak appears to be coming through those Tabernacle bolts.   What is the contact information for Harry?   I am hesitant to "weld" the bolts in with permant sealant.   Ideas?

Jamie Titus

Contact for Harry

Click the FS Inc link on the left menu. Harry is very helpful. I am still having a tough time imagining water coming in through these bolts. Harry will know how to remedy the problem. 1-800-864-7208 Phil

Phil Scheetz

Flying Scot 5919

Fleet 163, Nockamixon Sail Club

Harry Says

Thanks for the Contact with Harry.  We had a nice discussion.  He said there could be a crack in the trunk that could be letting water in.  I will check with some strips of paper towel taped on the next time out.  

1st repair might be to remove the leaky bolt and inject a sealant/epoxy under pressure and look to see if it seeps out, when hardened, drill out the hole and reinstall the bolt.

2nd idea would be to add shoring to support the deck and then remove the stantion (what I refer to as the tabernacle) and locate the leak below it.  Seal the leak and then re-install the stantion.

I'll report back after the next sail.

Jamie Titus

Found The Leak

I taped some paper towels to various spots and found the leak.  Not the Stantion, yeah!   The water appears 20" forward of the stantion center of the boat, a bit up on the sides of the raised "keel"  the forward end of the centerboard trunk.  My boat has what appears to be a fasterner (bolt?) through the two halves of the centerboard at this point, and this fastener is glassed over.


Any thoughts of what would be best options for repair?  Thanks for the great advice so far.  Sorry to have spent more time sailing than attending to this leak that only occurs when whe put enough weight in the boat to cause the leak.

Jamie Titus