IMPORTANT: Vote on use of VHF Radios

A Special Meeting will be held (electronically) on February 7, 2014, to accept or reject a proposed revision of Specification S-V.7 to allow the use of VHF radios for specific limited purposes. The proposed revision, the reasons for the changes, and the pros and cons of the changes have been posted to the website here.                 

NOTE: You must be a member of Flying Scot Sailing Association to cast your vote before February 7, either with your Fleet Captain, or if you are a member but do not belong to a fleet, you can email your vote to FSSA here.  Either way, your vote is important so that as many FSSA members as possible have thier voices heard.  If approved, the revision will be in effect for the 2014 Mid-Winter Championships.

If you are not yet a member or have not yet renewed for 2014, feel free to do so on this website here or submit an application that you can find here.

Any discussion can be posted to the Racers Rap section of our Forum page. You can add your comments to the post that was already submitted here, or you may choose to start your own post.