Finding a Club or Sailing Location

Frequently the mailing or street address for club or sailing location does not really point to where we should go to launch, at least in Google Maps.  The FSSA web site primarily uses Google Maps for location information.

Until recently folks updating Events or Fleet location could only enter the street address.  The site has now been updated so the lattitude and longitude coordinates can be used.

One way to find the coordinates is to use Google Maps.  Locate and zoom in on your sailing launch point.  Place your mouse pointer over the location and hit the right mouse.  Choose "What's Here?" and Google Maps will place a pointer on the map.  If you click on the pointer you will be shown the coordinates with a comma between the lattitude and longitude.

Here is an example for the upcoming Choo Choo Regatta.

Privateer Yacht Club location

You then enter the coordinates in the location portion of the event form.

Privateer Lattitude and Longitude

All Fleet Captains are encouraged to review their fleet listing on the site and update the location information.


Regatta Locations

Here are some location coordinates I've accumulated while fixing up some of the regatta locations:

  • Cave Run Sailing Association: 38.101418, -83.509528
  • Clinton Lake Sailing Association: 40.147830, -88.825351
  • Cowan Lake Sailing Association: 39.382303, -83.915072
  • Deep Creek: 39.467930, -79.294355
  • Lake Norman: 35.517561, -80.918132
  • Lake Townsend Yacht Club: 36.186416, -79.731250
  • Milwaukee Community Sailing Center: 43.044939, -87.887376
  • Privateer Yacht Club: 35.121900, -85.193021
  • Stone Horse Yacht Club: 41.664931, -70.065158
  • Westhampton Yacht Squadron: 40.798093, -72.699519

Glenn Wesley

FS #5919 - DJ'

Toms River

  • Toms River Yacht Club: 39.945575, -74.159884

Glenn Wesley

FS #5919 - DJ'