Centerboard Trunk Cap Hardware Fasteners

Flying Scot 3430 here.

I took the good advice last month and did not try hoisting 3430 from my sturdy Oak Trees.  Thanks to those that saved me from that disaster! 

I have removed all the control hardware and reinstalled again.  I notice something odd.  My Ronstan console mounted swiveling cleat needs some help.  I removed it and refinished the mahogany cap with 7 coats of polyureathane.  One of the fastening phillips head driven "bolts" appears to be stripped. 

My question is what is this "bolt" fastened to in or below the mahogany cap.  Is there a "nut" down there with treads, or similar female fastener part?  It doesnt seem like this is just "screwed" into the mahogany.  Is it?

If so, do I need to remove the mahogany cap to properly mount the hardware, to gain access to the below cap female fastners?


Good question

I have not had this apart, but I would call Harry.  He will know.

Is your boat a Douglass?  

Phil Scheetz

Flying Scot 5919

Fleet 163, Nockamixon Sail Club

Spinning screw

The mainsheet swivel may be "bolted" to the the centerboard cap.  It sounds like that the screw is turning with the locking nut on the underside of the cap.  On one of my Scots I've had that was the case.  I don't know of any way to loosen it other than taking the cap off the trunk.  I am in the process of fixing our fleet Scot (4000 series) and need to replace the cap so I can confirm that for you in the next few days.  Will post my findings.

Console Swivel

Thanks Phil.

Yes, my boat is Douglass built, raced by Charlie Buckner over in Chapel Hill, and now lucky to be mine in a slip at our little lake.

I'll call Harry on Tuesday.  Pretty sure the answer will be to remove the console and look beneath for fasteners.  I'll post the advice received.


Jamie Titus

I would try to remove the

I would try to remove the bolt and see if it is a wood screw .  On my boat it is all wood screws, my boat is a 64 so it has seen alot of use mine were passed stripped the whole thing pulled out into my hand . If you have had your trunk cap off before ,then I would consider doing that again . If you never had it off you might want to leave it in place ,mine was put on with brass screws and several broke off. So how I fixed mine was I drilled  3/8 holes into the fiberglass trunk then I used 5 min epoxy and put wooden dowls into the holes,then after harden drilled pilot holes and refasten. If you decide not to remove cap I would remove the swivel cleat and drill 1/4 inch and use same process ,3/8 will be to big and would show. With this process if you remove the cap at a later date you will need to drill out your dowels . 


Thanks, I'll go slow.

Jamie Titus

Loose screw

It turns out on FS 4820 the mainsheet block was fastened to the centerboard cap only with wood screws.  On the replacement cap I'm using from another Scot the mainsheet block will be fastened to the cap with nuts and bolts as it was set up that way on the replacement.  Hope this helps!

Re-attach mainsheet cleat

I put my mast up today, using the "Master Helper."  I susually do this myself, and today I accidentally got the spinnaker halyard wrapped under the mainsheet cleat and I pulled the Harken mainsheet cleat right off the mahogany centerboard cap.  It was fastened with 2" x 10 stainless wood screws.  My Scot, #4785, is about 1991 vintage, and it might be time to replace the centerboard cleat, anyway.  But, until I decide to get a new one, and while I am waiting for one, how should I reattch the old one?  I have thought about moving the cleat fore or aft about a half-inch, and using new holes (a qucik fix so I can sail tomorrow).  Has anyone ever done anything similar? Or should I wait and get longer screws? And where can I find 3" x10 stainless wod screws?  the base of the Harken mainsheet cleat seams to be threaded to match the screws (note: they are wood screws, not machine screws with nuts.  Or should I replace the centerboard cap, too?  I note that I am not the first to have pulled off the mainsheet cleat.  As my wife said, better on the trailer than in the middle of Berlin lake in a 20 knot breeze!