Centerboard shim

I have 760 a custom flex and the board moves side to side a fair bit.

Rather then tip it over and shim the trunk, has anyone pulled the board and shimmed the board?

Seems like when all the way down you could shim it above the gasket to the same effect.

One person said something about gluing carpet, but I couldnt tell to what, board or trunk?

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centerboard shimming

I recently shimmed the bottom part of the centerboard trunk on FS 5295.  For a newer boat it still had quite a bit of play.  I did it with the boat still on the trailer.  First remove gasket.  Then crawl under boat and get an idea of how much you need to add by measuring or eye balling the thickness needed.  The area to be shimmed needs to be sanded a bit and cleaned with acetone.  I just cut strips of fiberglass to length, and saturated with resin, crawled under again and carefully laid one strip on each side avoiding as much as possible getting any on the centerboard-which I did anyways.  After the appropriate cuss words, smooth out and wipe off any oversqueeze or stuff on the centerboard.  Let cure and repeat process if needed.  I had to lay two layers on each side where the board will be when fully down.  There is no play at all side to side and the board works perfectly-no binding.  I did not have to do the upper trunk as it was already tight.  On an old boat the upper trunk is also too wide.  I have shimmed an older boat in the upper trunk by using some left over phenolic sheet cut to size and some velco with the self adhesive strip.  Worked perfectly and had some "give" so it did not have to be exact.  Both upper and lower had the trunk shimmed, not the board.

FS 5295

Harry did mine

If you live within a reasonable distance of Flying Scot Inc, the factory did a great job on mine!  They narrowed the top with fiberglass and let it cure. They put the boat up on stands and shimmed/filled the bottom of the trunk.  The board is covered in wax paper and lowered into the wet glass to create a nice snug fit.

It cost a few hundred bucks, a few years ago, but Harry and his team are pros.  The guys at the factory are true craftsman.

Phil Scheetz

Flying Scot 5919

Fleet 163, Nockamixon Sail Club


Two good tips. Still thinking on pulling the board and shimmig it. I am sure the board needs some TLC. Plus I have the old vinyl gasket. It looks perfect so I would prefer to leave it alone. The last owner flipped the boat, used a 2 part epoxy  & did fantastic job on bottom. Board is the last thing to fix & ( in the right hands) this is a competitive boat. 

Carpet for shim?

Does anyone hve details about shimming the board with thick outdoor carpet?

FSSA rules in shimming

If memory serves, the Scot class rules only permit shimming of the Trunk, not the centerboard itself.