Ancient trailer question


I've recently aquired FS2140 and I'm in the process of getting everything in order after several years of sitting.  The boat sits on an old painted steel trailer with bunk rollers. The bunk rollers are in poor condition and are in need of replacement.  I haven't found any similar product available while searching online, or any reference to a Scot trailer that has had them replaced.  Does anyone have any info on a suitable replacement for the rollers, or the possibility of replacing the bunk rollers with carpeted bunk boards?  I've seen photos of this type of trailer on older Scots so I assume it was original Douglass equipment. Does anyone have info on the brand this trailer was?





The Scot should be resting primarily on large rollers under the centerline of the boat. The centerboard case is well reinforced and should bear all the weight. The bunks are there to keep the boat from rocking side to side and bear very little weight unless your are cornering hard. Thus the bunks can be carpeted or rollers, it doesn't matter much. The trailer bunks and guide rollers should be arranged to guide the boat onto the trailer. You want to be sure the center keel is on the center rollers.

Phil Scheetz

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Richard, if you are in an

Richard, if you are in an area where there is a FS fleet, go and see them.  They are more than likely help you out.  If not, get in touch with FS Inc.  and they will give you some guidance.  The FS class is known for helping out!