2019 51st Buckeye Regatta - Hoover Sailing Club, Westerville, OH


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Travellers to the 51st Buskeye Regatta Trasks - 3rd place finishers

The 51st Annual Buckeye Regatta at Hoover Sailing Club was held May 18 and 19, 2019. It blew hard but the competitors were a hardy bunch who mostly stayed upright and in the boats. Bruce and Linney Kitchen from Cowan Lake took 1st place followed by Frank and Marianne Gerry in 2nd and our local team of Ray and Scot Trask in 3rd.  Charles and Sarah Buffington joined us as a third traveling team, pictured together with Kitchen’s and Gerry’s. We got 5 races in, including two on Sunday morning as the wind continued to build.  The truly committed survived the last two races.  Join us next year. We (usually) have wind, always a good party and we never have power boat chop! As a bonus we have the best view of sunset in the Midwest.

2019 Buck3


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