2014 Fontelieu Fall Classic - Cedar Point YC, Westport, CT

On a summerlike weekend in late September, Cedar Point Yacht Club in Westoport CT hosted 22 Thistles and 10 Flying Scots in the 2014 Fontelieu Fall Classic.  Saturday brought us some fair winds that got us out on the race course on time with hope of getting in at least one race, given that the forecast for Sunday was little to no wind.  Although the wind did wane a bit during some of the racing, we did get in 3 races for the Flying Scots and 4 for the Thistles.  As was predicted by the PRO DIck Thackaberry, in the first race the wind started from the northwest and shifted on the downwind leg to a more northeast breeze.  In the next 2 races, the breeze stayed about the same.  After the day's racing, local Josh Goldman was in the lead,  John and Connie Eckart from Massapoag Yacht Club were second and Brian and Brian Hayes from Milford were third.

Sunday brought us another beautiful day, but unfortunately not much wind.  It picked up a few times to 3, but it was spotty and never stuck long enough for the RC to send us out.  At 1PM, the races were called and we all packed up, came in for a quick lunch and awards, and headed on home.  Two nice days and loads of fun - definitely a regatta to repeat!

Cedar Point Yacht Club, Westport, CT
Fontelieu Fall Classic - Flying Scots and Thistles
September 27-28, 2014
Flying Scot Results
Place Sail # Skipper Crew Club Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Total
1 5671 Josh Goldman Lynne Petrocelli Cedar Point Yacht   Club 2 4 2 8
2 4625 John Eckart Connie Eckart Massapoag Yacht Club 3 2 4 9
3 5761 Brian Hayes Brian Hayes Jr. Milford Yacht Club 6 1 3 10
4 5635 John Cooke Robyn Hoffman Cedar Point Yacht   Club 1 9 1 11
5 5535 Bob McElwain Amy Bullard Cedar Point Yacht   Club 8 3 5 16
6 5613 Mark Riefenhauser Warren Schutt Candlewood Yacht Club 4 5 7 16
7 5652 Neil Farrow Marcia Ryan Cedar Point Yacht   Club 7 6 6 19
8 5857 Greg Kampf Diane Kampf Massapoag Yacht Club 5 8 8 21
9 2431 Tom Dunne John/Dannielle Saratoga Lake Sailing   Club 9 7 10 26
10 5735 Bob McCorkle Jeff Kirk Candlewood Yacht Club 10 10 9 29
    PRO Richard Thankaberry        


Cedar Point Yacht Club Westport, CT
United States
41° 7' 8.1408" N, 73° 22' 17.0868" W
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Regatta Date: 
Saturday, September 27, 2014 - Sunday, September 28, 2014