2012 Great Scot

2012 Great Scot regatta was held September 29 & 30 at Birmingham Sailing Club.  21 boats competed this year, with 5 out of town boats.  Saturday conditions were sunny with light variable winds.  Sunday was overcast with winds about 5 mph. A total of 5 races were ran. 3 on Saturday and 2 Sunday.


Birmingham Sailing Club Vincent, AL
United States
33° 23' 4.3944" N, 86° 24' 42.9264" W
Regatta Date: 
Saturday, September 29, 2012 - Sunday, September 30, 2012
Race Results: 
Richard Wade54711
Corky Hadden99/902
Sandy Eustis56103
Loy Vaughn3104
Porter Fell29345
Joel Verplank36896
Harry Reich17847
Mike Graham46138
Adam Young3189
Tim Pack509010
Dave Whiekehart386411
Mike Graham517012
Sid Browning391013
Danny Waters416314
Joe Power570715
Jim Sisson260516
Kurt Heckert45317
Walker Haddock31018
Joe Sprigg50919
David Hardwick309520
Barry Hambrick323921