2012 Flying Scot Mid Winter Championship

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It was a fun week in New Orleans, LA, hosted by Southern Yacht Club with chairperson Larry Taggart and his very hospitible regatta crew. We were able to do quite a bit of siteseeing thanks to Mother Nature. On Sunday 3/18, the warm-up regatta had 9 boats and was won by Jay Lott and Ryan Malmgren. Monday's welcome party was great with lots of raffle prizes donated by our generous sponsors, without whom these events would not be possible. We found out that there were 6 new skippers who traveled to the event, and several who drive over 1200 miles to get here, with Greg Kampf driving the furthest - 1525 miles.

Then came Tuesday 3/20, and our PRO Wallace Paletou tried hard to figure out a way to get us on the water, but with winds blowing 24+ gusting to over 30, it was just not possible to do that safely. Our top sailors still held the Top Gun session - Paul Abdullah, Ryan Malmgren, Dave Bolyard, Kelly Gough and Al Terhune gave us all some great tips to try to make us better sailors. Then we all went off to various areas of the city - French Quarter, walking along the Missippi River, the malls, the casinos, the garden district, the WWII museum and other venues and enjoyed a little New Orleans hospitality.

Try, try, try again on Wednesday - well, that was not much better, with winds at 22+ gusting to over 30 again. So we called it a day, went off shopping and other places and came back at night for the seafood boil with a boatload (in a real boat) of all the shrimp, crawfish and oysters, boiled potatoes and corn on the cob that anyone could eat.

Thursday morning was a breakfast surprise, coffee and beignets courtesy of Cafe du Monde, the premier coffee in New Orleans. Can you believe it? Thursday the storm front continued with thunderstorms that we hoped would subside. They actually did, and we decided to get out on the water. But along with the storm went the wind, and we all agreed there was nothing we could do, so we went back in and hoped for the best on friday.

Finally on Friday, there was a chance to get out on the water. And Wallace and his crew used every ounce of wind they could to get off 4 good races in lots of sunshine, something we had not seen for several days!

There was a raffle with a prize including several hundred dollars in goodies, benefitting the Leukemia Foundation. Flying Scot sailors were very generous and donated over $1000 to the Leukemia Cup with a raffle. Melanie Dunham won and carried away a bag of goodies almost as big as she is!

The Allan M Douglas award for good sportsmanship was awarded to Mark Benner. This award is given by the participating skippers to the skipper that t hey thought exhibited the true meaning of sportsmanship. Mark and his wife were traveling to the regatta when they were involved in an accident where another car hit their boat, knocking it off the trailer and totaling the trailer and badly damaging the boat. Despite all that, they continued on to the regatta and raced on Friday in a borrowed boat!

The Championship division was won by Zak Fanberg, who was also the winner of the Mary Meno perpetual trophy. The Challenger Division was won by Frank Edwards, also the winner of the Brenda Pollack perpetual trophy. See below for the rest of the results.

A special shout out to our Sponsors: API, Aunt Sally's Praline Shops, Cafe du Monde, Capital One Bank, Coral Reef Sailing Apparel, Flying Scot, Inc., Harrah's New Orleans, Intermarine, Leukemia Foundation, Mad Sails, Margaritaville, McIlhenny Company, New Orleans Tourist and Convention bureau, North Sails, Russell's Marina Grill, Tony Chachere's Creole Seasoning, Ullman Sails, West Marine and of course Southern Yacht Club, who all donated goods and raffle prizes to the regatta. And thanks as well to our FSSA Past Presidents Charles Buffington, Dan Goldberg, Barbara Griffin, Jim Harris, Don Hott, Dave Jacobson, Bill Ross, Buddy Pollack, Glenn Shaffer, Jack Stewart, Larry Taggart, and local contributors Larry Taggart, Dan Baird and Nancy Claypool, who donated towards the kegs provided each day.


Southern Yacht Club
105 North Ridgeway Road
New Orleans, LA 70112
United States
29° 59' 41.7336" N, 90° 6' 47.952" W
Regatta Date: 
Tuesday, March 20, 2012 - Friday, March 23, 2012
Race Results: 
PositionBow#Boat#SkipperRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4TotalPosition
Championship Division
166GYA 91Fanberg, Zak1441101
2385310Aras, John4512122
321GYA 99Eagan, Andrew2255143
4455663Wientjes, Chris31118234
5315248Carpenter, Harry7926245
6255761Terhune, Jr., Allan8767286
7005510Taggart, Larry108123337
843GYA 101Faget, Benz1110104358
9602925Thinel, Dave163711379
10145897Williams, Ben5153153810
1199GYA 90Santa Cruz, Randy6616124011
12113403Atkins, Forest91217104812
13335330Comen, Steve12149175213
14506019Shaffer, Glenn19138135314
1555GYA 29Leblanc, Mark141114145315
16125857Kampf, Greg18171595916
17153883Hehler, Tom131813186217
18425855Rogers, Forest151618166518
19365947Buffington, Charles171927/DNC27/DNC9019
20T394736Summerfield, Ed27/DNC27/DNC27/DNC27/DNC10820T
20T545454Gough, Kelly27/DNC27/DNC27/DNC27/DNC10820T
20T345504Thorpe, Joseph27/DNC27/DNC27/DNC27/DNC10820T
20T305606Brown, John27/DNC27/DNC27/DNC27/DNC10820T
20T855698Lott, Jay27/DNC27/DNC27/DNC27/DNC10820T
20T325787Abdullah, Paul27/DNC27/DNC27/DNC27/DNC10820T
20T835945Claypool, Nancy27/DNC27/DNC27/DNC27/DNC10820T
Challenger Division
1535530Richards, Frank111141
2245631Bussell, Eric3332112
3221418Leggette, Jim2443133
4935071Benner, Mark6225154
5415022Safirstein, Dave4564195
6234001Rees, Al5656226
7035230Herring, Sharon7779DNF307
8135751Bradshaw, Mike9DNC9DNC9DNC9DNC368


Where are the photos

Where are the photos promised?

there are tons of great

there are tons of great photos here:



and there are some from the warm up racing also. Just go to the Southern Yacht Club website and you'll see a link there for both the photos above and a separate link for the warm up photos