Custom flex vs. Douglas

I have been searching for a used flying scot for a while now and have found that the custom flex appears cheaper than a Douglas. Is there any advantage in one over the other.? If so please fill me in. Thanks

Douglass and Flying Scot Inc boats are very consistent. These are made by Sandy Douglass, or by the same company as it transitioned ownership. Customflex was a licensed builder and the boats varied a little more. Most are very good, but my impression is that they went through a few periods of quality control variation.
There are also a lot of Douglass boats that are just newer and therefore higher priced. The condition usually reflects this. Newer boat, newer trailer = higher price.
A thorough inspection is warranted for any boat, from either builder. Do you have a fleet in your area? They are usually willing to help.


I am also new to Flying Scots, but the Custom Flex boats are a foot shorter.  Are there any racing regulations on the length of the boat?

The Flying Scots made by Customflex are the same length and hull design as the Douglass. Customflex did produce other designs. Yes the boat must come from the licensed mold to be class legal. Other Customflex boats would not be legal.

Thanks for your help, I did end up buying a flying scot last week and it was built by Douglas. She needs a little tlc but should be a fun project.