Shore Sails rig tension

Anybody know how to tell what cut of sail I have? They are Shore sails I have no idea the age, I'm going to guess mid to late 90's. The gentleman I purchased the boat from wasn't much help with rigging the boat. I asked him how he had setup the cunningham, he asked me what's a cunningham. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I am going to take a wild guess and say that it is probably a loose rig jib. I don't think the tight rig, snug rig, snoose rig, etc had come about yet. Look on North Sails One Design website or Google Flying Scot loose rig jib and you will find a tuning guide that will help you get the setup close.

Are they Shore sails or Schurr sails? Many Scots came with Schurr sails and they were mostly loose rig.

Is there a fleet in your area that you can ask?

Shore and Schurr also both have websites. You can call them.


They are definatly Shore sails, according to the sail bag from a loft in Ohio. Unfortunalty there isn't a fleet nearby, but hopefully with a littel web searching I"ll figure it out. Thanks for your help.Mark

i would agree that they are probably loose rig and you could use the North sails tuning guide as a starting point.randy blough FS#1954