Weakened Center Brd. Trunk

The starbrd. side of my ctr. brd. trunk has weakened it is located on the front rounded part. As I raise and lower ctr. brd. it pushes out slightly. I fear if it spread enough the roller would drop in and jam!

Any ideas of rebuilding this area and bringing it back to its full strength..........

TY Shep,

If you really have FS #146 then is may have a slightly less strong center board trunk due to some manufacturing changes. I have seen a couple different approaches including shims inside the CB trunk or "straps" that are attached near the top of the round part after you roll the CB back. I would contact the Factory as well and ask for specific information on how to make a similar repair. Chief Measurer Ruling #66 from the FSSA Handbook was specifically written to clarify this situation.

I have read about shims. I understand that is a good fix to keep center brd. from rocking from side to side while under sail.

My ctr. brd. trunk is in really good condition, except for the weakend top starbrd side round. I have modified a C-clamp to hold the rounds in proper position so the rollers can not push the rounds outward while raising and lowering ctr. brd.. No! It doesn't look pretty, but it allows me to enjoy her while the summer lasts.

Winter project, rebuild and or modify................

Ty for your ideas,

Just posted a video of ctr. brd. trunk. Hope this gives a better understanding of the repair I need to make.....

I would call Harry and find out how to fix it correctly. The trunk is broken and the trunk is a structural element of the boat.

I have had work done at the factory and they are master craftsmen. The price is quite reasonable, given the expertise and level of care they exhibit.

Phil Scheetz
FS 4086

It's a pretty easy fix, but very time consuming and tedious. You are going to have to cut the top glass and remove the core. You'll then re-core the top sleeve and re-glass it. One important thing is to take measurements and make a pattern of the shape so that you have the correct height and shape. Otherwise the knuckle on the board won't rotate properly inside the trunk. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Greg Olsen
(214) 793-9127

Again I would check with Harry for advice on this. You may be able to find a local repair shop or do it yourself, but this is an area that has significant load under sail and the trunk is a multipart layup.

A bad repair, done with shortcuts, is almost always the same amount of work as a good repair, done carefully. Harry can give you the advice you need.

Phil Scheetz
FS 4086